Best Sites To Download Free PC Games

Nowadays its very easy to download torrent games and install them on PC. I used to download my favorite games from these sites since they are virus tested and work efficiently. From here, you can download any game you want, be it GTA V, CALL OF DUTY and lots more! These are the best sites you can ever get to download free PC games and have a fun time at your own place.

Top 10 Interesting Websites To Have Fun With

It often happens that you are sitting idle getting bored or waiting for someone and you want to kill time. Of course, you can kill mosquitoes by clapping or count sheep but that might be a bit less entertaining. Here we will tell you someone amazing websites which will help you pass your time.

1. Funny or Die

The site was launched a decade ago with an aim to amuse as many people as they can and they sure succeeded in it. The site features funny videos and short movies of well-known personalities such as former president of USA, Barack Obama and current president Donald Trump. You can have access to endless videos which will get you addicted to the site.

2. MS Paint Adventures

Being launched in 2007, MS Paint Adventures is a web-comic website which still rules the market. It has a so strong audience that they had to abandon fan suggestions due to many requests. Website is known to have over 10,000 pages which is a massive number. The comics are made in Adobe Photoshop and are pretty entertaining to read.

3. Mondo Media

Now this is where you get a bit of Non-PG content. Mondo Media is a website targeting teen and adult audience. Funny videos and animations related to daily life can be found there. Mondo Media also has a Youtube channel where you can find more content.

4. The Useless Web

The Useless web is an old-school web humour website where you can find the most useless but time-killing websites. The site is known for its time when it was way too famous. You can visit the site and click on the button shown to see multiple useless websites around the web.

5. Where Cool Things Happen

Now this may not be a funny website but as the name suggests, everything is Too Cool here. You can find pictures and videos of most cool gadgets, arts, places, etc. from all over the world.

6. Damn You Auto Correct

Auto Correct was made to aid people but what it mostly does is get people into trouble. The site shows funny incidents which takes place due to Auto-correction feature.

7. Deviant Art

This is the perfect site for artists out there. Here you can find thousands of designs by thousands of users who upload it to the website and you can also publish yours. Get tips and advices from the experts and boost your designing skills.

8. Damn Funny Texts

As the name suggests, the site provides screenshots containing humorous texts from social media. Browse, save, upload and have fun!

9. Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans is a laugh riot. A collection of famous brands, companies, advertisements converted into an honest humour. The site mainly focuses on what people think of the slogan or what it actually stands for.

10. Shut Up and Take My Money

This is a website made for the people who love tech gadgets. It is an online shopping site where you can find some really cool gadgets which you won’t find anywhere else.