How To Deactivate Kik Messenger Account

Kik is an instant messaging application developed on the Blackberry platform, which was at its peak success back in 2009. It offers a lot of different features than what the popular WhatsApp has to offer. Moreover, it does not even require you to register your mobile number to have an account. This has garnered the messenger more than 120 million users across the world and it ranks 7th in list of top 10 instant messaging apps. It offers a variety of features including in-app purchases, media sharing, emoticons and stickers. The cool emoticons and stickers make the chat more emotive and realistic. Also, the exclusive Kik Shop has a number of cool sticker packs, games and memes up for purchase, which can then be shared with friends. It is quite obvious then that Kik is one of the most popular conversation platforms today.

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The user interface of Kik is quite friendly and easy to navigate around. From registering an account to deactivating it, the procedure is absolutely simple. Deactivating your Kik account actually does not delete the account permanently, instead, it only deactivates temporarily. Thus, if you want to use Kik again, you can use the same log in id and password to do so. However, if you delete the account permanently, you will lose all the conversations and friends on your list. In order to delete your account, change the email address to something you do not use at all, then delete all the data from the app – friends and chats. Following is a step by step guide to deactivate your Kik account permanently via PC and phone, both. You can also send videos using the new kik messenger feature.

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Via PC:

  1. Log on which is Kik’s official website page.
  2. Enter the email address that you used to register your Kik account in the required field box. Then press the green icon that says ‘Go’.
  3. An email will sent to you regarding the confirmation of the deactivation process.
  4. Follow the instructions given in the mail to successfully and permanently delete your Kik account or to sign out. Use this article about signing out of kik messenger.

Via Phone:

  1. Start the app on your phone and go to Settings.
  2. Go to Account under settings.
  3. Right there, select “Reset Kik Messenger” option.
  4. Now enter the email address you used for registering on Kik in the given dialog box.
  5. Further instruction to delete your account will be sent to you on your registered email address.

Kik is a brilliant chatting application that serves more purposes than just messaging. It is one of the toughest competitors for WhatsApp which is the leading messaging app in the world. However, if you are not someone who uses Kik or any other messaging app so often, then deleting the app would be a good idea. Follow either of the above steps to deactivate or delete your account permanently for Kik. However, you can always make a new account in the future using a different username.

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