Little things about Vidmate that make all the difference

Vidmate is the app I just cannot do without. Really, I use the app at least 7 times a day, each visit going to at least 20 minutes. There’s just so much amazing stuff on offer!

We all know about the main features the app offers. This post isn’t going to be about that. Instead, it is about all the minor detail that make our favorite app so easy to access.

Here let us begin this exercise of adulation.

  1. Display of file size before download: How many times with other apps have we faced termination of downloads because the phone did not have enough memory? well, with Vidmate, there is no such scenario. The app already tells you how much space a file is going to occupy on your phone so you can make sure there is enough space on your SD card.
  2. The Download Button:
    Downloading can be a pain if you have to go to drop down menus or dial a maze of options. Vidmate, thankfully, has one single button that will download your favorite video instantly. If you’re on YouTube or Vimeo or any other Video Hosting website, all you need to do is click the conveniently placed download button on the bottom right and you’re ready to choose your file size and unleash the download!
  3. The navigation:
    There is a lot the navigation does for us, and it doesn’t get the due credit for it. Imagine how easy it makes your app’s experience to be able to glide across tabs using just your thumb in one single easy motion! Thanks to the developers who put the interface in the app.

These are three of many good things about Vidmate video downloader. What do you like in the app? do tell us in the comments.

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