5 Features which make Facetime App Unique

FaceTime began with its first time on an iPhone and it was in no time that the app came up to MAC as well. there are indeed a number of applications which support for voice calls for free. However, there are some features which re exclusive to FaceTime; or for that matter make the application worth a try at ant time. We are assuming that you already know what is Facetime, and that’s why here we are presenting a list of 5 interesting features that FaceTime has in store.

Facetime App Features : Unqiue and Lovely

  1. Aspect ratio.
    The ratio of the screen while video calling is unique to FaceTime, that is the Portrait aspect. Most of the apps have a square or landscape aspect which makes it easy. However, with this, the biggest advantage that you get is the fact that you get to show more of yourself rather than what is there around you. It is a matter of fact that portrait aspect lets you have a more of one on one call!
  2. Contact sync
    iChat gives you a list of people who are your friends on the app and accordingly you get to know of their activities, etc. well, since FaceTime uses your Apple ID as a sign in, your address book is well synced with the application and hence the email address as wll as contacts are visible. This makes the app more of an easy and convenient to use one, as all you need is their emails; which you might possibly be having already.
  1. Background functioning
    you don’t always have the app currently running on your phone, which in turn means that if you get a call you need to have a way out. Unlike many video calling apps, FaceTime functions quite in sync with your background tasks well. Once you receive a call, you can accept or decline the same with the pop up that appears.
  2. Easy user interface
    FaceTime works with only video calls and no additional features which often causes complexities in the functioning. With a standalone app like FaceTime, it is quite easy to put it to use; avoiding any complex procedures to start with. The best thing is, that facetime is also available for pc.
  3. Mobile Compatibility
    The use seems to be of great contrast while other apps meant for video calling are concerned. FaceTiming on an iPhone would give you a better feel of a video call rather than the same done on Yahoo! Or Facebook messenger for that matter. Buying an Apple device for FaceTiming would be no big deal!

So that is it on the features that make FaceTime a unique application and an easy to go too!